Erik ten Hag is Hopeful Manchester United will End Rivals’ Domination

Erik ten Hag is Hopeful Manchester United will End Rivals’ Domination

Erik ten Hag is Hopeful Manchester United will End Rivals’ Domination Erik ten Hag is confident that Manchester United, under his direction, would be able to challenge the dominance of Manchester City and Liverpool in the domestic scene.

Erik ten Hag is Hopeful Manchester United will End Rivals' Domination

The Dutchman has started his first whole week in charge of United, which began on Sunday. Ten Hag is optimistic that he can turn the club’s fortunes around even though they fell to a new Premier League low of 58 points and sixth place after suffering a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Crystal Palace on Sunday.

It was suggested to the 52-year-old that some people believe City and Liverpool will continue to dominate the Premier League until either one or both of its managers, Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp, depart their current positions with their respective clubs.

Ten Hag stated, “I appreciate both Manchester City and Liverpool for what they have accomplished.” They play football at an extremely high caliber. However, you will see that everything has a beginning and a finish, and I am looking forward to battle with them. When asked whether he believed their supremacy could be overcome before the managers left, he responded, “I think sure.” He was pressed for an answer.

Ten Hag claimed that the group he takes command of is still one that can compete, even though United finished in the wrong position. “This team finished second the year before, so it has the potential,” he added. “The season before that, this group finished second.” “I believe that if we make some improvements and work with them, we will be able to get more out of them than we did this season.

To begin, one of our primary goals is to earn the admiration of the supporters. Second, the circumstances we find ourselves in are not quite ideal. It is a challenging task. I want to put together a group of people who are willing to fight for each other, who are strong as a unit, and successful.

“In addition to that, we will be performing in the Theatre of Dreams. We wish to entertain. The goal is to play football at an extremely high level. Even if we can’t play our best football, we have to come out on top.

Ten Hag’s comments were made on the same day that Avram Glazer, the other co-owner of the club, guaranteed that there would be money available for spending in the summer.

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Glazer has been quoted saying to Sky Sports that “We have always used the money there to get new players.” “In our opinion, Ten Hag is the best candidate. Because of this, we decided to hire him. He is going to perform an excellent job. It has been a difficult season, but we will put in a lot of effort to make sure that next season is much more successful.

In the nine years since Sir Alex Ferguson stepped down as United manager, the club has been led by David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, José Mourinho, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer before Ten Hag took over. It was Ferguson who led United to their most recent Premier League championship.

Ten Hag was questioned regarding the rationale of his optimism, given that the previous quartet fell short of winning the tournament. “The confidence that I have comes from the fact that I am getting positive vibes from the people around me,” he remarked. “We have a plan, and at this point, all that matters is putting that plan into action.

We will attain the level of success we desire when we are surrounded by decent individuals who have the appropriate connections and are willing to put in the necessary effort.

Ten Hag scoffed at the suggestion that he was endangering his reputation by doing what he was doing. “I don’t consider that to be a risk at all. He remarked, “This club has a fantastic past, and now it’s time for us to establish a future for it.” “There will be a lot of excitement.”

Ten Hag did admit that he will need to get off to a fast start to be successful. We are now thinking about it as ‘This is a project, and it takes time.’ But I also know that there is no time at the top, and that is the case at this club and at other clubs such as Ajax and Bayern Munich.

Ten Hag was keeping his tactics for the side a closely guarded secret. He stated, “The plan is enormous, and we only have a limited amount of time.” “First and foremost, we are going to roll it out to the staff, and then we will roll it out to the players, and then you will see.

We are working on building the coaching staff, putting together the team, and developing a solid game plan for the preseason. We have a plan and a general idea, and we will be working on putting those into action.

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“At every club, we deliberate on the question, ‘What is in keeping with the club’s spirit?’ That is the information that we are looking for, and it is also why they chose me to be the manager. I am obligated to contribute something to the group, some dynamism. Demanding is necessary if one wants to achieve success, and that is precisely what we intend to do.

In response to the widespread belief that Manchester United’s primary purpose is to maximize profits, Van Gaal gave his compatriot the advice that he ought to choose a “football club, not a commercial club.” Ten Hag responded, “I have heard that, but I’m confident that it won’t be the case. “I had a conversation with the club’s directors, and they all agreed that football takes priority over everything else.

Ten Hag, who kicked off Monday’s media meeting by shaking the hands of correspondents, was very forthcoming with information regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s position. “Goals. I had a conversation with Ronaldo before I had a conversation with you, the manager explained.

In addition, he won’t meet any of his players for the first time until the 27th of June, when the first of his players returns. “They require some time off to think things through. “At the end of June and during the first week of July, I will have a conversation with the players,” he explained. United has announced that Steve McClaren and Mitchell van der Gaag will be on the coaching team led by Ten Hag.

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