TikTok Tests Viewer History Display

TikTok Tests Viewer History Display

TikTok Tests Viewer History Display TikTok has officially launched a limited test of its new ‘post view history’ option, which will enable users to see who among their followers has viewed their TikTok clips. This is only possible if viewers let their activity be tracked, which they must do for their training to be followed.

TikTok Tests Viewer History Display

TikTok Viewer history

Some TikTok users are now being notified of the option, which only relates to users you follow or who follow you, providing another insight into your TikTok community engagement. As you can see in this example, social media expert Matt Navarra shared that some TikTok users are now being notified of the option.

In January of this year, the feature was discovered for the first time while it was being tested.

Some individuals have voiced their astonishment that TikTok has introduced this feature as a choice because it has the potential to cause extra stress, for example, if persons who you would prefer to steer clear of consistently appear on your seen lists.

But for one, it only applies to those who are already a part of your TikTok group (which means that if there’s someone you want to steer clear of, you’ve probably already blocked them anyway). While doing so, TikTok exchanged comparable information to boost the number of contacts made within the program.

Notification of TikTok posts being seen in history

TikTok has discontinued the transmission of these notifications since the beginning of 2018, amidst ongoing inquiries into the company’s data-sharing procedures (and several high-profile cases of TikTok stalkers). However, considering it was once a choice, its reappearance, albeit in a modified form, should not be too much of a shock to anyone.

However, it is arguable what the actual and practical utility of such things might be.

If you want to use TikTok for hookups or to reach out to potential collaborators who have checked out your content, this feature might be helpful for you. If you want to become an influencer, this feature might help you reach out to potential collaborators who have seen your work.

However, much like the equivalent feature on LinkedIn, it appears to be largely pointless most of the time. I mean, it is somewhat intriguing to know somebody from a company you’d like to work for has checked out your profile. However, if they did and didn’t feel obliged to get in touch with you, does it essential that they check out your profile?

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The value appears to be even more limited on TikTok; yet, as was stated previously, there may be something there in terms of the possibility of making business connections and making contact with collaborators based on a shared interest.

Whatever the case may be, I do not doubt that a significant number of individuals will choose to participate, even though this will give rise to more inquiries concerning reach (maybe they do not see my posts) and friendships (she is not even looking out my clips).

In addition, there is still the factor of the stalker, which can bring about even more tension and strife.

TikTok has verified that testing is already taking place, but there are currently no plans for a wider launch.

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