Zong Free Internet Code All Zong Free Internet

Zong Free Internet Code All Zong Free Internet – Free Internet Code 2022

Zong Free Internet Code All Zong Free Internet do you want to surf the internet for free and not worry about a balance? If this is the case, you need to check all of the Zong 4G sim card codes on your mobile phone. In Pakistan, Zong is the most well-known and widely used internet service provider.

Zong Free Internet Code All Zong Free Internet

It provides many free internet deals to its consumers to engage them monthly with news about promotions, bundles, and codes. In this article, I have discussed various strategies and tips that can be used to access free internet on a Zong sim.

Free internet access code for Zong 2022 I will demonstrate the easiest way for you to access free internet on your mobile device while using a Zong 4G SIM card.

I will cover everything you need to know about how to obtain free GB on Zong, including the zong 4g free internet code, the free internet without balance code, the available net pkg code, and the proxy configuration method so that you can enjoy the internet completely free of charge and without any fees at all.

It is now common knowledge that everyone requires internet access for their day-to-day activities. It is required of him to conduct an internet search for something. It could be related to schoolwork, business, errands, or other things.

Therefore, it is the goal of any organization to satisfy the desire of every individual to advance by whatever means possible. In a similar vein, Zong provides its customers throughout Pakistan with free internet codes so that they can interact with one another. So let’s start;

Zong Free Internet code 2022 operating method

The code that I will provide you can be used on any Zong sims. The catch is that you need to have a Vivo mobile for this code to operate; if you don’t, it won’t.

  • Enter *4114# into the telephone’s dial pad to register for free internet.
  • You will get 12GB in Rs. 0
  • Dial *102# to find out how many MBs are left.
  • Free internet code for zong
  • You may be eligible to receive free minutes and internet access at no additional cost. You should test it out on all of your sims since it will work.
  • You will be allotted 400 free minutes and 4 GB of free internet space.
  • You have seven days to take advantage of this deal.
  • To get it, merely dial *44# or *754#
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Zong Free Internet Code List 2022

I’m going to share with you some Zong codes, the primary purpose of giving users access to free offerings. It would be best if you tried each of these codes, and we hope that one of them works.

Zong Free Internet Codes
4GB of free Internet *754#
500MB for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp *56*8*23#
1GB free internet *7863*86# or *563*85*23#
2Gb zong internet *117*111*2#
Free Mbs code *44#
Free 1500MB Dial *537*2#
Free 4GB for 1 day *568# or *11# or *44# or *102#

Recharge your balance using Zong’s free Mbs.

  • This code can be used on any freshly acquired Sim within the previous two months.
  • To begin, you need to add fifty rupees to your Zong account through a recharge.
  • Now, dial *22# from the dial pad, and a popup will emerge inviting you to subscribe to the BOR (Balance of Recharge) offer.
  • If you respond with 1, you will receive a message that you will have 1000 MBs of free data for the following three days.
  • If you recharge your phone for more than 50 rupees for the following two months, you can take advantage of this deal as often as you like. This is an offer that I take advantage of.
  • When you dial *22#, your available credit will not be deducted. It is merely to ensure that you have loaded at least fifty rupees onto your phone or more than fifty rupees. Don’t be concerned about the reduction in the balance.

Sim lagao zong free internet code 2022

This reasonably straightforward strategy can be used on any sim at no cost. You can get free internet for life on one or more sim cards, whichever you choose to use.

  • To use Zong’s free internet service for one month, your SIM card needs to be deactivated.
  • Dial *2244# from the phone’s keypad, and you will receive 8 gigabytes of free storage for the next one hundred and twenty days with no minimum balance requirement.
  • If you turned off your SIM card for the following 30 days, you would be able to use the code that was just given to you many times.
  • Using this strategy, you will be able to take advantage of this SimLagao offer at no cost to you for the rest of your life.
  • Take 2 or 3 zong sim to enjoy zong 4g sim free internet 2022
  • Put them off till one month from now.
  • Use the free internet on one SIM card while you save the other for the following month.
  • You can receive a free 30-day trial of Zong Internet by following this technique and utilizing the code from above over and over.
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Free internet code for Zong’s new SIM card in 2022

Enter *ten # on the keypad of your phone if you have recently acquired a Zong SIM card. You are entitled to a free trial of the following bundles for a week:

Free Bundles Including
Free internet 2GB free net
Whatsapp 1GB free
Facebook 1GB free
Zong Mints 1000
Validity 7 Days

Zong’s internet service is included in all of its bundles.

If you are interested in subscribing to a Zong internet bundle, you can find several friendly and affordable Zong bundle coupons in this article. Using these codes, you will be able to subscribe to any bundle.

Zong’s daily internet plan options are as follows:

Package Name Free MBs Price Code
Zong Social Pack (Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter) 100 MBs Rs. 10 *6464#
Zong Good Night 3G / 4G Package 2500 MBs Rs. 16 Just SMS “gno” to 6464
Zong Daytime Offer 1500 MBs (4 am to 7 pm) Rs. 23 *47#
Zong Daily Data Max 3G / 4G Package 500 MBs + 500Mbs Youtube Rs. 38 *5#


Zong Weekly internet plan options are as follows:

Packages Name On-Net Mints Off-Net Mints Free SMS Free MBs Price Code
 Zong 4G SIM Upgrade Offer  400  –  4GB (4AM – 7PM)  Rs. 0  *44#
 Zong Weekly SMS Bundle  –  1500  200 MBs (Whatsapp)  Rs. 21  *702#
 Zong Weekly Youtube Offer  –  8GB (Youtube)  Rs. 100  *570#
 Zong Shandaar Weekly Package  500  40  500  500 MBs  Rs. 120  *7#
 Zong Mega Weekly Offer  –  4 GB  Rs. 160
 Zong Super Weekly 3G / 4G Package  –  2500 MBs  Rs. 165  *6464#
 Zong Punjab Offer  150 (All )  –  –  6 GB  Rs. 230  *2222#
 Zong Super Weekly Plus 3G/4G Package  –  –  7 GB  Rs. 240 *20#
 Zong Haftawar Load Offer  2500  80  2500  2500 MBs  Rs. 250 *70#
 Zong Karachi Offer  5000  75  5000  5 GB  Rs. 250  *54#
 Zong Super Weekly Max  –  –  –  30 GB (10 GB + 5GB (4am – 4pm) + 15 GB Data for YouTube)  Rs. 299  *220#
 Zong Super Weekly Premium  100(All)  –  –  30 GB (15 GB + 15 GB for YouTube & TikTok)  Rs. 330 *225#

Zong’s Monthly internet plan options are as follows:

Package Name on-Net Mints Off-Net Mints Free SMS Free MBs Price Code
 Zong Whatsapp Offer  –  –  –  unlimited (WhatsApp)  Rs. 30  *247#
 Zong Monthly Facebook Offer  –  –  –  6 GB (facebook)  Rs. 70  *250#
 Zong Monthly Basic 500 3G / 4G Package  –  –  –  500 MB  Rs. 150  *6464#
 Zong Monthly 3GB 3G / 4G Package  –  –  –  3 GB  Rs. 300  *6464#
 Zong Shandaar Monthly Package  1000  100  1000  1 GB  Rs. 300  *1000#
 Zong Monthly Power Pack 500 1000 50 1000 2500 MBs Rs. 500 *1313#
 Zong Data Share 3G / 4G Package (10GB)  –  –  –  10 GB  Rs. 900  *6464*5#
 Zong Supreme Offer  5000 300 5000  5 GB (+ 4GB Whatsapp, 2GB Youtube)  Rs. 1000  *3030#
 Zong Monthly Premium 30GB  –  –  –  30 GB (15 GB Flat + 15 GB YouTube)  Rs. 1000  *6464#
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I hope that I will be able to offer you All Zong Free Internet Code 2022 and all Zong bundles. Your Sim will be able to make use of each of these codes. If this does not work, you have the option to subscribe to any daily, monthly, or weekly bundle at a reduced cost.

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